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Extend the service life of crusher bearing five big trick

Extend the service life of crusher bearing five big trick

View:5259 Time:2013/9/4 Author:欧特轴承

1, the crusher equipment installed first before counting the number of parts, check each parts processing surface and thread damage in handling and clear.

2, crusher installed on the fixed contact surface coated with oil, the active surface coated with thin oil. In particular, the bearings after installation, be sure to use outer ring tilt coated bearing lubricant.

3, bearing lubricant coating is also has exquisite, grease lubrication coating cover all roller surface, the besmear after recovery, "the position of the outer ring also need to cover dust with plastic film, etc.

4, daily use should pay attention to clean the bearing, the imported bearing into the oil first, and then use the brush to brush dirt on the surface of the bearing, and then to the appropriate heating oil, and then detailed on the inside of the bearing ball and hole cleaning.

5, the crusher work after a period of time, check regularly. Removed hardware, if 7 kinds of bearing wear less, can be conducted on a lathe turning to the right geometry. Even at the same time pay attention to the eccentric shaft and bearing, spindle and bearing clearance between, if more than 1.5 times, should be replaced or padded adjustment.

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